MovieBriefs is a video transformation application that creates a contact sheet which summarizes all or part of your movie. The resulting image can be inspected or shared. MovieBriefs is a great tool for videographers, writers and other editorial production staff.


Simple Segmentation

Create summaries from all or part of a movie by adjusting the in-point and out-point handles.

Retina Ready

Inspect, print and share high-resolution images created from your movie segments.

Saved Summaries

Create multiple summaries for each movie and save them for later inspection and re-use.

MovieBriefs Document Icon

Interactive Display

Place the cursor over the contact sheet image and see the time associated with a particular frame.

Detailed Image Mode

Double-click on any particular frame in the overview contact sheet and see that image at full size.


Drag'n'drop images unto another application, the Finder, or share with Facebook or other internet services.

System Requirements: Macintosh Computer + OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

Movie Thumbnails In A Snap!

Check out this video to get a quick overview of how MovieBriefs can help you make the most of your movie assets.

MovieBriefs is available in the Mac App Store.
Version 3.0.1 will be available April 26th.


A fully-functional version of MovieBriefs may be downloaded for a 15-day demo.

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