Arena is a Quartz Composition visualizer that distributes rendering across multiple systems. Arena automatically configures your network to act as a single, unified visual display. Arena is perfect for use in kiosk, digital signage, and stage performance applications.


Unlimited Canvas

Create an unlimited virtual canvas for displaying the collective output of the connected Performer systems.

Layout Tools

Align, resize or re-order Arena Performer canvas items to create the desired multi-screen display.

Highly Scalable

Expand your network of Arena Performers with only a small amount of communication overhead.

Custom Conversions

Change your composition’s input parameters without the need to re-edit in Quartz Composer.

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Distributed Rendering

Renders Quartz Compositions locally on the Performer system with a minimum of synchronization traffic.

Easy Networking

Automatically discover and connect the controller with any performer systems that become available.

Single Point of Control

Configure the entire network of systems directly from the Arena Controller.

System Requirements: Macintosh Computer + OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

Arena is available in the Mac App Store.


A fully-functional version of Arena may be downloaded for a 15-day demo.