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How to create a time-lapsed movie.

In some cases, transforming a collection of images into a movie can be an effective way to use resources to tell a story. PhotoStory makes it easy to create movies for storytelling, promotional and time-lapsed applications.

  1. Create a new PhotoStory project.

    PhotoStory projects contain a collection of images, along with the settings that indicate how to create a movie from these images. To create a project, click the Create New Project button on the Welcome Screen or select File > New from the menubar.


  2. Add images.

    To add individual images or a folder of images, click the Add Images button on the toolbar or select File > Add Images... from the menubar. You may also drag images and folders from Finder on to the Tray.


  3. Modify the image order, if needed.

    Drag'n'drop Tray items into the order that they will appear in the output movie. You may also sort images into an order based on their name, creation date or last modified date. Click the Sort button on the Tray header or select File > Sort... from the menubar.


  4. Adjust the output settings.

    Before a movie can be created, you need to specify the frame duration, background color and the image positioning.


  5. Export.

    Once you have created your movie, you can save it to disk by clicking the Export button on the toolbar or select File > Export Movie... from the menubar. .

    To share the movie with internet services like Facebook and Vimeo, click the Share button on the toolbar or select File > Share Movie... from the menubar. .


  6. Save your project.

    PhotoStory projects are stored in a .photostory file. To save a project, select the File > Save option from the menubar.

Time-lapsed Video Made Easy!

Check out this video to get a quick overview of how PhotoStory can help you transform your images into movies.

PhotoStory is available in the Mac App Store.
Version 1.0.1 will be available April 17th.

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