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How to create a movie thumbnail sheet from a movie.

For videographers, writers and other editorial production staff creating a contact sheet from all or part of a movie can be an effective way to summarize the visuals within a clip. Using MovieBriefs to create movie contact sheets is easy.

  1. Create a new MovieBriefs project.

    MovieBriefs projects contain a video file reference along with descriptions for each movie thumbnail sheet you create. To create a project, click the Create New Project button on the Welcome Screen or select File > New from the menubar.


  2. Select a source video.

    When a project is created, you will be asked to select a video file to use. A preview of the selected file will appear in the top left corner of the document window, above the segment handles and the Summary Tray.


  3. Select the video segment to summarize .

    Adjust the segment handles below the preview to specify the video segment to summarize. Click the Update button to create a movie thumbnail sheet. Click the Save button to store the summary in the Tray


  4. Export, Share or start a Slide Show.

    Once you have created a movie thumbnail sheet, you can save it to disk by clicking the Export button on the toolbar or select File > Export Summary... from the menubar. .

    To share a summary with internet services like Facebook and Twitter, click the Share button on the toolbar or select File > Share Summary... from the menubar. .

    To start a slide show using the individual images from the movie thumbnail sheet, click the Slide Show button on the toolbar or select File > Start Slide Show from the menubar


  5. Save your project.

    MovieBriefs projects are stored in a .moviebriefs file. To save a project, select the File > Save option from the menubar.

Movie Thumbnails In A Snap!

Check out this video to get a quick overview of how MovieBriefs can help you make the most of your movie assets.

MovieBriefs is available in the Mac App Store.
Version 3.0.1 will be available April 26th.

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