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How to layout, inspect and compare images.

Laying out your images on an unlimited two-dimensional canvas, where items can be inspected, compared, resized, repositioned, layered and aligned allows you to discover the stories each image has to tell. Here's how to do this using LightTable.

  1. Create a new LightTable project.

    LightTable projects contain a collection of images and information about how those items are arranged on a virtual canvas. To create a project, click the Create New Project button on the Welcome Screen or select File > New from the menubar.


  2. Add Images.

    To add individual images or a folder of images, click the Add Images button on the toolbar or select Tray > Add Items to Tray... from the menubar. You may also drag images and folders from Finder on to the Tray or the canvas.


  3. Add Items to the Canvas and Arrange.

    Items in the Tray may be added to the canvas using one of several methods:

    • Drag a Tray item to the desired canvas location.
    • Select the Tray items, then click the Move Tray Items to Canvas button on the toolbar.
    • Select the Tray items, then select the Canvas > Move Tray Items to Canvas option on the menubar.
    • Drag image files from the Finder directly onto the canvas. The dragged files will also be added to the Tray.



  4. Add Image Effects.

    Add one or more image effects to your processing workflow. More than 50 effects are available to choose from.


  5. Align, Resize, Layer, Flip, Reposition, Duplicate or Replicate.

    LightTable provides a variety of methods to modify the spacial arrangements of canvas items.


  6. Set Canvas Attributes.

    To modify how items behave on the LightTable canvas, click the Settings Button on the toolbar or select Canvas > Show Canvas Settings from the menubar to display the settings panel containing canvas attributes.


  7. Save your project.

    LightTable projects are stored in a .lighttable file. To save a project, select the File > Save option from the menubar.

A New Dimension For Storytelling

Check out this video to get a quick overview of how LightTable can help you make the most of your images.

LightTable is available in the Mac App Store.
Version 3.1.1 will be available April 25th.

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