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How to add a chapter track to a movie.

Traditionally, adding chapters to a video has been a labor-intensive task involving magic, voodoo and multiple forms of manual text editing. With ChapterWork, we've made the process simple and easy.

  1. Create a new ChapterWork project.

    ChapterWork projects contain a video file reference, descriptions of each chapter track, descriptions for each time marker within a chapter track, and the export settings for how the output movie is created.

    To start a project, click the Create New Project button on the Welcome Screen or select File > New from the menubar. An Open panel will be displayed. Select the movie file you want to associate with the new project.


  2. Add a Chapter Track, if needed.

    The Track Tray lists the chapter tracks within your project. Existing chapter tracks, embedded in the source movie, are displayed here. If the movie contains no chapter tracks, then an "Untitled Chapter Track" is created for you. To create additional tracks, click the "+" button below the Track Tray. To remove a track (and all it's markers), swipe-left on the Tray table or select a track and press the delete button.


  3. Add Time Markers to the Chapter Track.

    To add a time marker, move the scrub slider (below the movie preview) to the desired location in the timeline and click the "+" button underneath the Marker Tray. A track may contain any number of time markers.


  4. Export.

    Once you have configured the chapter tracks, time markers and various settings in your project, click the Export button on the toolbar or select File > Export Movie To File... from the menubar. Output progress may be monitored by clicking the Activity Monitor Button on the toolbar or selecting Window > Show Activity Monitor from the menubar.


  5. Save your project.

    ChapterWork projects are stored in a .chapterwork file. To save a project, select the File > Save option from the menubar.

Marks Your Movies & Find Your Place!

Check out this video to get a quick overview of how ChapterWork can help you make the most of your movie assets.

ChapterWork is available in the Mac App Store.
Version 2.0.1 will be available May 2nd.

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