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How to create a video playlist.

Video Playlist are an excellent tool for use in kiosk, digital signage, and stage performance applications. Here's a look at how to create and use playlist with Bix.

  1. Create a new Bix project.

    Bix projects contain a video list, along with the settings that control playback. To create a project, click the Create New Project button on the Welcome Screen or select File > New from the menubar.


  2. Add movies to the playlist.

    To add individual movies or a folder of movies, click the Add Movies button on the toolbar or select File > Add Movies... from the menubar. You may also drag movies and folders from Finder on to the Tray.


  3. Add a Watch Folder to the playlist.

    Each time a document is opened, the contents of a Watch Folder is read and those movies are added to your playlist. This allows you to create dynamic playlists that vary according to the watch folders contents. Watch folders can be used along with individual movies. To add a watch folder of movies, click the Add Watch Folder button on the toolbar or select File > Add Watch Folder... from the menubar.

  4. Organize your movies.

    Movies play in the order that they appear in the Tray. To change that order, simply drag'n'drop items into the order you would like. To remove a movie from the Tray, swipe-left or select the item and press the delete key.


  5. Trim your movies, if needed.

    By default, Bix plays the entirety of each movie in your playlist. To limit the portion of a movie used for playback, select a movie and adjust the trim handles below the preview.


  6. Set the playback attributes.

    Bix gives you control over when your playlist begins, where the playback will be presented and whether playback loops continuously or not.


  7. Save your project.

    Bix projects are stored in a .bix file. To save a project, select the File > Save option from the menubar.

  8. To see what your playlist looks like in action, click the Play button on the toolbar.

Movie Playlists Made Easy!

Check out this video to get a quick overview of how Bix can help you make the most of your movie assets.

Bix is available in the Mac App Store.
Version 1.4.1 will be available April 21th.

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